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  • Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    My CC Summer

    It's been a while but I'm back! In my previous posts, I was quite secretive about what I've been up to..but secrets are being revealed today! In the past month, I was actually working at a fashion camp. That's heard me, a fashion camp! The camp is called CraftyCouture and it is a fashion camp for young girls aged 12-15. It's an amazing summer program where girls get to be creative, explore fashion (and the arts) and meet awesome new friends. The program consists of four different classes, including DIY+design, magazine production, fashion tech and fashion illustration. We also have another period for fashion show production. At the end of each camp session, we finish off with a fashion show in which the girls themselves help to design the set, develop the concept, choose the music and ultimately model projects that they have made down the runway. One of the other cool things about this camp is CCGivesBack. CCGivesBack is basically when girls at the camp create items to put up for a silent auction. All proceeds go to charity, and Because I am a Girl was the chosen charity for this year. Oh how I wish i knew about this camp when I was 12...

    | 2 fabulous fashionistas and I at CC 
    | 2 fierce models/ cc designers at RAWR fashion show
    | CC It Girls! (awards per day to shine on the excellent work of these girls)
    | CC designers at CraftyCouture
    | The Clara bracelets for CCGivesBack silent auction

    It was such a blessing to be hired as the fashion magazine production specialist. So what is it that I do you ask? Photoshoots, styling, set design, magazine layout, graphic design, art name it! It was a busy month but it was definitely my best job experience ever. The girls at camp were amazing and the other specialists and camp counselors were such sweet and fabulous people. I enjoyed the work that I was doing and it felt great to have my work and ideas appreciated. It felt so good to be able to share my interests with those young girls and to have the opportunity to make a positive impact in their lives. Not to mention my coworkers are the funnest and coolest people in the world 8-) 

     | CC staff from session I
    | CC Staff at session II

    It's a super cool camp, so please visit for more information! Also, check out CraftyCouture's blog post here if you want to take a full look at the work from our magazine production class! :)  But for now, here's a preview...! 

    | Daring Denim streetstyle shoot from session I
    | Charm School accessories shoot from session I 
    | Burst editorial with Dior girls from session I
    | Hair and beauty shoot by Dior girls in session I
    | Sweet 16 editorial by Gucci girls in session I
    Sweet 16 editorial by Gucci girls in session I
    | Geek Gone Chic editorial by Louis V Girls in session I
    Geek Gone Chic editorial by Louis V Girls in session I
    | Arm Candy accessories shoot by Louis V girls in session I
    | Braid Nation hair and beauty shoot by Louis V girls in session I
    | Streetstyle shoot by Chanel girls in session II
    | Pretty in Punk editorial by Chanel girls in session ||
    | The set is created by layering newspaper on the wall! Pretty nice, eh?
    | Timeless accessories shoot by Chanel girls in session II
    | Playing around with accessories and juxtaposing vintage with modernity
    | Fashion Reign Over me streetstyle shoot by Dior girls in session II
    | The set was created with hand drawn rain props and muslin 
    | Up, Up and Away  accessories photoshoot with Dior girls in session II
    | Candy Land  editorial with Gucci girls in session II
    | Drop the Bead accessories shoot with Gucci girls in session II
    | Neon Jungle streestyle shoot with Louis V girls in session II
    | Shop 'till You Drop editorial shoot with Louis V girls in session II

    Don't be fooled..even though we're only a summer camp, we make exceptionally professional works! :') I'm so proud of my girls, they all look like professional models! It was so sad when camp ended, and I'm currently still suffering from CC Withdrawal syndrome, haha. If only camp was all year round.... :( 


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