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  • Friday, September 21, 2012

    Ready, set... action!

    One of the biggest blessings that I've got out of working at CraftyCouture this summer is the people that I've met. They're such awesome people and I always have the best time hanging out with them. A few days ago, my lovely friend and coworker Sarah from CC asked if I wanted to help her with a video project. Excited to see the crew, of course I said yes! She decided to do a DIY video on the crystal wrap bracelet. We filmed it this afternoon and it went really well...we also had some good laughs here and there. The lovely Tahsin, director of CraftyCouture, was our model and actress for the video ;)
    It was my first time taking part in filming a DIY video and I must say, I really enjoyed it. I think it's safe to say that there will be more coming our way. Expect to see some styling/ DIY videos up soon! :P

    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    My "American Apparel"

    Autumn is unofficially here and it's time for a seasonal closet cleanout! Cleaning my closet is always a big mission. I always have more trouble donating my clothes, compared to the rest of my family, so things tend to pile up in my closet. You never know when things will be back in, you can always rework your items into something else so I never want to dump things out. However, my closet's bottom shelf recently collapsed so I decided it was time I sort through my closet a bit, haha.

    This time, I found a pair of white capris that my mom handed down to me. It had a bootcut leg at the calf which I thought looked awkward and would never wear out. Since I don't own a pair of white shorts (surprising, I know), I decided to make my own out of mommy's awkward pants, haha. I've also been wanting to paint shorts for the longest time so the white shorts would be the perfect canvas.

    So here's the final product! This is my first time painting shorts so by all means, I'm no expert and there's major room for improvement. But anyhow, I'm quite pleased for a first attempt.
    Please continue reading if you want to know how I made these shorts!

    Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    My CC Summer

    It's been a while but I'm back! In my previous posts, I was quite secretive about what I've been up to..but secrets are being revealed today! In the past month, I was actually working at a fashion camp. That's heard me, a fashion camp! The camp is called CraftyCouture and it is a fashion camp for young girls aged 12-15. It's an amazing summer program where girls get to be creative, explore fashion (and the arts) and meet awesome new friends. The program consists of four different classes, including DIY+design, magazine production, fashion tech and fashion illustration. We also have another period for fashion show production. At the end of each camp session, we finish off with a fashion show in which the girls themselves help to design the set, develop the concept, choose the music and ultimately model projects that they have made down the runway. One of the other cool things about this camp is CCGivesBack. CCGivesBack is basically when girls at the camp create items to put up for a silent auction. All proceeds go to charity, and Because I am a Girl was the chosen charity for this year. Oh how I wish i knew about this camp when I was 12...

    | 2 fabulous fashionistas and I at CC 
    | 2 fierce models/ cc designers at RAWR fashion show
    | CC It Girls! (awards per day to shine on the excellent work of these girls)
    | CC designers at CraftyCouture
    | The Clara bracelets for CCGivesBack silent auction